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Atlantis: 103 “A Boy of No Consequence” Spoiler-Free Review – Cult Fix
  • Cyruptsaram

    Well-put “three-dimensional” – I like it! It seems Howard Overman is developing a pattern in the titles, specifically A Girl By …, A Boy of… What’s next, A Woman with…?

    • Cyruptsaram

      Just to add, a brilliant article! I can tell you’re quite enjoying Atlantis in a wonderful family-gathering sort of way. This series is most definitely made for those who want a good forty-five minutes on the sofa with a cup of tea in their palms. I agree with you there!

  • The Watchful Guardian

    Nice article, Pat. Looking forward to this episode. Hope the CGI isn’t too bad. It was never great on Merlin but it didn’t matter. The stories made up for it.

  • Jack

    You are too kind. Jason can’t act to save his life and while Pythagoras and Hercules are much better they still cant save the bad script. The fact that the girl didn’t die bothered me (I predicted she would, so even thought the subversion was nice we weren’t given a thematic reason for her survival (unlike, say, Andrew in Buffy S7)) and Heptarian is a weak villain. Aiysha Hart is by no way an excellent actress like you say, the plot was mundane/predictable and the special effects made me want to throw up – that’s how bad they were. I’m not normally shallow enough to criticise something for its looks but seriously … the bull leaping was godawfully done.