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Atlantis: 101 “The Earth Bull” Teasers


With Atlantis starting this Saturday, Cult Fix has composed a set of hints and teasers for the opener, The Earth Bull this weekend.

  1. Opening line: “You look just like him”.
  2. “Who the hell has hunting lions?”
  3. Somebody really doesn’t want to die.
  4. Someone passes out in a cupboard.
  5. “Your theories and your triangles are destined to bore millions of children throughout history.”
  6. “There was something in the water.”
  7. There are plenty of unwarranted topless shots of Jason that care to linger.
  8. There is more than one eerie prophet present.
  9. Prescient knowledge comes from the last thing/person you’d expect.
  10. The comedic star of the show isn’t Pythagoras… but his triangles do crop up in conversation many times.

The Earth Bull airs on Saturday 28th September 2013.

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  • Mark M

    This looks really good, can’t wait to watch it.

  • Ivyteainn

    The fangirls want a shirtless Jason, let them have it. They would really like to see his butt. Sex sells.

  • TheRoastNewt

    I’ve seen this thing all over the web lately, but not actually looked to see what it’s about. I’ve put a reminder in my phone to record it on Saturday. Very excited now.


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