• Great review, Pat. You’re peerless at these spoiler-free reviews, you know. There’s none of the crucial ‘spoiling’ content, but the analysis is just as sound and clearly reasoned. Well done.

    I still won’t be watching Atlantis, though. No review can sway me. Nothing I’ve seen of it has made me eager to watch it at all, unfortunately. Just not my cup of tea!

    • PK-S.

      Don’t make me laugh.

      You’re the greatest on the site – yes, I rate you even higher than Adam; you’re our talented writer-in-residence.

      • Now, that’s one hell of a compliment! I can’t really express enough thanks, Pat. It’s not often you get praise like that. I do disagree, though!

        And I thoroughly meant what I said; I’ve tried my hand once or twice at writing a spoiler-free review, and have found it far more arduous than the traditional format. I couldn’t do it as well as you do.

        • PK-S.

          It’s the opposite for me.

          I find spoiler-free reviews really easy to do – all you need to do is lace the whole review with sentences from the synopsis and then talk about the acting etc.

        • PK-S.

          Anyway, thank you.

  • Awesome review, Pat! Can’t say I’m excited for this tbh; as a fan of Merlin it just looks like it’s borrowed bits and pieces here and there from the show and slopped them together to create something new. I am of course open to be proven wrong on Saturday (Yes, I shall be watching), but I’m not holding my breath for anything particularly amazing with this.

    But as ever, a fantastic analysis.

    • PK-S.

      Thank you, @TardisBoy:disqus – I really appreciate.

    • Nimueh123

      No, much the same here. I was made to watch this first episode – I think my family was trying to prove to me that this can be fun and enjoyable. And to some extent it was. But as a die hard Merlin fan I find it hard not to see all the bits that are alike and I was at one point told just NOT to mention it anymore :)))
      To my amusement, even in the first ep there were already tell tale signs of the usual plot incongruities we got so used to in Merlin. Jason was completely unsurprised where he ended up. Where did he get his clothes? Why could he be understood?
      I could go on, but I seriously do not want to be a complete spoilsport. Will I watch again? Very unsure at the moment.

  • The Administrator is Hannibal

    I am actually really excited for this. Sure, it’s a copy of Merlin but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I need something fun to watch on Saturdays.

    • PK-S.

      That’s Atlantis in a nutshell.

  • TheRoastNewt

    I’m excited for this now. Like you, I haven’t seen much of Merlin so any opinions I form will be totally objective. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    • PK-S.

      If you want something light and frothy for Saturday teatimes then this really is your thing.

      • TheRoastNewt

        Thanks. I’ll have to give this first series a go and see what I make of it. Great review.

  • Great review, I’m even more excited for this now. I absolutely adored Merlin so if it is anything similar, I will be one happy guy.
    Are you reviewing the entire series?

  • Ivyteainn

    Atlantis isn’t Merlin and never should there be any comparison. The Merlin era is over. It wasn’t a great show; it wasn’t bad one. Atlantis should stand on its own and be judged that way.

  • Steve Willis

    If they don’t put Jason in the show’s title, then it means they can write him off at any moment and get a new ‘lead’ character.

  • Knowles2

    My problem with the show is that there don’t seem to be using anything from Plato description of Atlantis or at least none of the main bits. The city from the adverts doesn’t even look like Plato description of the city. It seems they are just placing greeks legends in Atlantis. Would love to have a proper series set in Atlantis from what I have read and seen my wait shall continue.

  • Gunslinger19

    what sort of age is it for?