• Deus Ex Machina

    Time travel? I’m beginning to have theories about how Katy Lotz might fit into all this…

    • Joel Mole

      or Rory Williams

  • Gustaff

    While Flash is my current no 1 and I love Arrow, not very excited by a team led by the ATOM. Doesn’t seem like the Flash. Remember how Flash dominated 2014.

    Wondering how Cold and Heatwave get convinced to join. They are villains obsessed with taking down the Flash.

    • elite power

      Remember that time travel is involved so I’m sure that they will have some incentive, material or knowledge gain, from helping. It sounds like Rip Hunter will have personally researched and selected these people so should know how to convince them.

      • Gustaff

        I think Rip will travel once, so time travel doesn’t get abused as it would cheapen how much trouble HW/ET has gone to to replicate it.

        I also hope this spin-off doesn’t take away Cold and Heatwave from Flash. I love Snart’s hammy performance. Rip already sounds like a more interesting char than RP. I love the first Canary over the BC any day.

        • elite power

          I assume he will only travel once too just for simplicity reasons, maybe twice or three times if they chose to give us a glimpse of where he is originally from.

          Since it sounds like he puts the team together, I think he will have done his research and know exactly how to attract each member. Also I fully expect him to be withholding some information.

          This series with premiere in January so I would expect at least one appearance of the rouges in the first half of flash series 2.