• Great news all round!

    Flash & Arrow were locks for renewal, but still nice to see them confirmed for another year.

    iZombie and The 100 were tipped as being on the edge of cancellation by a lot of outlets, so glad to see they’ll continue on (although I’d be surprised if either premieres in the fall).

    And for all its flaws, Legends of Tomorrow deserves a second season, and I’m interested to see how they change up the team/villain if they’re going for a more anthological-style series. Hoping for Vixen/Constantine/Connor Hawke to join up, and a more interesting villain than Vandal Savage.

  • Tom Elliott

    Only care about The Arrowverse (The Flash, Arrow, Legends) which were all but guaranteed for renewal, and have been renewed.

    Yes, I did a little dance. I feel no shame.

    • Tom Elliott

      Let’s also take a moment to be thankful that Season 5 should be the last time it has flashbacks.
      And hope that the promised “lighter tone” might actually exist for this one.