• Gustaff

    As I don’t read the comics, would someone tell me if this is a good villain? I don’t know about HIVE or Damien like I knew about Deathstroke etc. Is he a good fit? Does he have good feuds in the comics?

    • Deus Ex Machina

      I’m not a big follower of the comics either, but from what I understand, he’s not that big of a character in the comics. He’s only made a couple of appearances as an enemy of the Teen Titans. I get the feeling that they’re just taking his name and possibly his tech skills and basically giving them to a new character.

      • Gustaff

        Ah I see. Thank you. Well I’d like to see Oliver go up against ARGUS itself. That could be quite the struggle, but something I don’t think Oliver is equipped to handle.

        I hope they do Damien justice. The Suicide Squad movie (which looks like it will suck) has taken away a lot of great and/or potential Arrow villains. We got one measly Deathstroke appearance and now Deadshot is gone as well. Maybe they should try for a television created villain just to shake things up.

        • elite power

          From what I assume, the suicide squad movie cut Arrow’s access to the characters. It looked like ARGUS and the League were shaping up to be the villains of season 3 but then the movie but then the movie took off and DC didn’t want to have the same characters on the small screen as well in case it put people off.

          The problem is whilst Flash has access to all its villains, the Green Arrow does’t have as many strong ones and with the cinematic universe being set up, DC is stopping them using a lot of the non powered people Green Arrow can realistically go against.

          Thats why I think they are going with HIVE, which from the looks of it the movies will not be doing for several years at least. The problem with brand new villains is just advertising – you can’t name drop them like established characters and such.

          But the actor has been consistently solid in everything I have seen him in so if he gets the proper material should be good.

          • Gustaff

            Suicide Squad freaking bombs! discounting the daily spoiler pic, it just looks bad and it’s sapping strength away from the DC TV universe which is better than it’s movie counterpart.

            They didn’t even have to do SS now. I mean why not introduce another member of the JL in their own movie? I hope Flash(2)/Arrow(4) kick their ass.

        • Deus Ex Machina

          I’m probably looking forward to Suicide Squad more than BvS. Even if it sucks, it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. Either way, I don’t have a lot of faith in this DC movie universe.

          • Gustaff

            DC should just stick to what they do best – TV! Except for maybe Daredevil, nothing Marvel TV can touch DC TV. I say maybe because DD isn’t even on television. Just expand the DC TV universe. Throw money at CW, make a GL series, give me the Question and more RF and I’m yours for life.

            I have even less faith than you do. BvS is Marvel’s answer to the Avengers by pitting their two best A-listers in one movie. Besides, I don’t call it Batman vs Superman, I call it Ironbat vs Superman.