• Gustaff

    I never liked the whole paralysis arc but I feel that having her walk again so soon after the matter has barely been touched or developed is not only bad storytelling, it is also a slap in the face to every person who is paralyzed.

    The whole arc is so lacklustre that should not even have done it in the first place. Either do it properly or don’t do it at all. Doesn’t help that last week it was Felicity who told her mom that some secrets are supposed to be kept. Did she just forget all that.

    Please writers, don’t ruin Felicity for me.

    • ShalkaDoctor

      It’s too late for that. The writers began to ruin her in Season 3 when
      she became little more than Ollie’s desperate love interest to appease
      the Tumblr crowd. And then constantly tried to create artificial drama
      by having her crying over him (even the actress said it was too much).
      Things seemed to improve at the start of S4 when their relationship was
      kept in the background but it just kills any momentum in episodes now.
      And to think we have a wedding to come.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    I like your reviews, but you’re way too kind on this one. Where to begin? It was terrible. An episode back to S3 levels (at its worst).

    Arrow is a cheesy soap right now, pure and simple. Remember Ollie hunting down his targets in Season 1? Remember the awesome Slade conflict in Season 2? Those were the days. What happened? Now it’s largely plots out of EastEnders.

    And even the more comic elements are weak. Vixen was terrible, badly acted with some real awful lines – “how about I kick your ass like a woman!” Urghh. The special effects were garbage (when you compare to what they do on Flash.)

    And then we get to the final scene. One of the dumbest in the show’s history. Felicity magically walking again just in time to leave Oliver. So Flash ends with an exciting reveal of Zoom. Arrow ends with a relationship breakup only the Tumblr crowd care about. I think we can see the problem with the show now.

    The only bright spot was, ironically, Damien Darhk whose natural charisma as a villain can win over almost any scene. Sadly he went down like a complete chump in the ‘final’ fight. After all this build up that’s it? Guess they had to get back to all those ‘important’ relationship scenes.

    Please get good again Arrow.