• ShalkaDoctor

    I don’t think you give quite enough credit to the action scenes. They were the best part of a pretty poor episode with a visual style usually lacking from the scenes. Notice in particular there are longer scenes without cuts and some very nice panning shots. They should get James Bamford to direct all the action scenes.

    That’s the good part out the way. Now the bad – by god does it feel like Arrow is turning into a soap these days! They are going hard for the Tumblr crowd. The whole Ollie/Felicity marriage, Donna’s romance with Lance, the gay couple, and now Ollie’s kid being back in the fold. You can almost hear the Eastenders theme playing when Felicity finds out next week.

    And my god when Curtis came up with the magical heal for Felicity completely out of the blue I actually shouted out loud “you’ve got to be kidding me!”

    I also liked how they skipped the political debate. I guess they thought the viewers (eg Tumblr crowd) would be dumb to follow.