• ShalkaDoctor

    They’ve completed neutered Merlyn for the past two seasons. I couldn’t believe how easily he lost to Oliver here compared to season 1. I would agree it maybe was time to kill him off for real, but I’m personally hoping we see a return to the Dark Archer and him get his groove back as a badass.

    Also was so hoping for Thea to die. God am I sick of her.

    • I do agree about the disappointing nature of their fight – I don’t usually comment on the action scenes, but that final fight was disappointingly short for what had been framed as a major confrontation. I think I agree too about the Dark Archer point – while I’d have liked him to die here, the best path forward is for Arrow to slowly work him up to Big Bad status for season 5.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    As fun as it’s been having a “good” Merlin (bad guys make the best good guys), I hope that this is the first step in returning Merlin to his villainous ways. I can see him dying, but I’d prefer it if he went back over to the dark side. He’s always felt like Arrow’s archenemy, so killing him off would be a bit like killing the Joker off in Batman.