• Tom Elliott

    I do agree, Constantine was given far too little screen time, given the enormous hype. Matt Ryan was, as ever, awesome, and he worked surprisingly well with Oliver.

  • I felt a little disappointed by this episode as well. I’d never seen Constantine prior to this so I was looking forward to seeing Matt Ryan for the first time as this iconic character. But alas I spent most of the episode wondering when he’d show up and was saddened to see him only appear properly at the end. Even his flashback sequences seemed disappointing due to them forcefully put there for convenience sake. For a moment I was hoping the flashback sequences weren’t just a one off and Constantine became a regular, helping Oliver on the island for this season. Unfortunately, like his present day appearance, it was abrupt and a somewhat wasted opportunity. I loved what I saw of him but I wish there was more, especially knowing this was a one-time deal. Here’s hoping we will see Constantine again like the end dialogue suggests. I think he fit in with Arrow perfectly and made me excited, like I get with the Marvel films, seeing the universe expand and interact. I simply wished there was more room to grant Ryan more screen time and more chemistry between him and Stephen Amell. Sadly it all felt rushed, even the explaining of who he was to Oliver to the others got brushed over for convenience sake due to the time limit.

    As for the plotline between Oliver and Laurel, I think it’s about time she got taught a lesson about being selfish. Since she lied to her dad in Season Three about Sarah being dead I’ve hated her character and felt no sympathy with her. She wasn’t the only one who lost someone and yet she made this out to be the case, always lording her viewpoints and emotions over everyone else’s. This all led to her father turning on her and Oliver because she thought she knew best to keep something as important as “your daughter’s died” from him. Whenever Oliver lies you can see there’s a good reason, most of the time, but with Laurel I really couldn’t see a justification. And, low-and-behold, she thinks she knows best again by resurrecting Sarah from the dead because she misses her more than anyone else and believes it’s her right to mess with the forces of nature. And because of that people died and Thea nearly got choked multiple times. And yet Oliver feels the need to forgive. I know he can’t judge because he’s also lied, many times over, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that Laurel’s selfish, lone-wolf attitude needs addressing and sorted out. Long story short, I simply don’t like her character anymore and wish that the writer’s sort out her character, or at the very least, get rid of her because she’s dampening the narrative rather than adding to it.