• ShalkaDoctor

    “Amell has grown considerably as an actor over the course of the show,
    and it’s doubtful that he would have conveyed Oliver’s shocked fury and
    disappointment at his father figure (of sorts) in a particularly
    compelling manner in season one.”

    Totally. He was bloody great in that scene.

    Arrow has been better than Flash this year so far. A dramatic improvement on Season 3. And Constantine is on the way. Hype!

    • Deus Ex Machina

      Amell’s acting in season one wasn’t always up to scratch. I mean, he always did dark and brooding fine (which, in all fairness, was 90% of his characterisation back then), but anything more kind of fell flat. In fact, I can remember actually laughing at a few scenes because he really wasn’t cutting it. Fast forward three years later and it’s easy to see just how much he’s grown. He’s gone from an average actor to a fantastic one. I think it’s just a reflection on how the whole show has gone from an average one to a fantastic one, especially this season so far.

      Bring on Constantine!