• The Flash

    i think Oliver will go to coast city in the flashbacks next year, there he will meet Hal Jordan, they will become good friends and he will teach Oliver how to fly, in the present they may meet again, but he’ll no longer be just Hal Jordan, he’ll be someone else, he’ll have become someone else…

  • Gustaff

    Well, the Flash has also referenced Coast City so it’s pretty safe to say that one of the shows is bringing in Hal Jordan. My guess, Oliver will venture with Hal in the flashbacks, while the Flash encounters the Green Lantern in the present day.

    I don’t know how they will do GL as it brings in aliens to the mix which is a bit of a stretch for Flarrow as it relies on techno-garble like an Accelerator exploding to embue people with supernatural powers.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    Despite what others have said, I’ve really enjoyed series three. I wasn’t really into the flashback scenes, but aside from that, I’ve liked it. It probably didn’t quite stand up to the level of series two, but it was still a damn good piece of television. Sara’s death was completely unaccepted and a great plot device, Merlyn was a sort of good guy (I always enjoy it when bad guys become good guys) and most importantly of all, Laurel finally became a likeable character. I’ve got nothing against Katie Cassidy, she’s always done the best with what she’s been given, but the writing’s never been great for her, until now. And I know opinions have been divided on the character, but I for one loved Ray Palmer. I can’t wait to see more of him in “Legends of Tomorrow”.

    Bring on series four…

    • elite power

      I put it down to the whole secret identity thing. The problem with superhero shows is characters that don’t know the persons secret identity get saddled with mostly irrelevant plots and often come off badly.

      It is no coincidence that Laurel and Thea have had their best season now they actually are doing relevant stuff in the plot.