• Gustaff

    People keep complaining about Arrow being a poor nman’s Batman and how it’s ripping off the latter’s storylines.

    Well, hate to break it to you, but there is NO BATMAN tv show, nor will there ever be. This is going to be the closest you get to these storylines apart from maybe a future movie. Why complain about one borrowing storylines from the other? We have a show that is adapting these beloved storylines. Why bag on it?

    • I’m not sure if this was directed at me or just generally, but just to clarify I wasn’t complaining about Oliver’s storyline having these parallels to classic Batman stories – like you, I’m excited to see them on screen, and they work just as well for the Arrow as they did for Batman.

      • Gustaff

        Oh no. Sorry, I wasn’t talking about anyone on here at all. Not aware there were people on here that felt like it as I read most of the comments and most is pro-Arrow..

        Mostly directed towards the people on IGN and Youtube who downright slap hate stickers on everything Arrow touches.

        Sorry about the misunderstanding. Don’t know if you’ve been on IGN and Youtube or seen the kind of hate I’m talking about.

        • It’s cool, I just realised what I wrote in the review was a little vague as to whether or not the Batman parallels were a good thing or a bad thing. As for the general internet-hate, I’ve seen it. I’ve laughed scornfully at it.

          To be honest, beyond the island-based origin, Green Arrow doesn’t exactly have the most interesting backstory, so I’m all for the showrunners co-opting bits of Batman’s history for the show – it means we get a slightly more faithful representation of Ra’s al Ghul than we did in Batman Begins (although I still wish they’d cast a POC in the role, considering the Eastern origins of the character) who actually has a goddamn Lazarus Pit. Just because he’s menacing Oliver Queen rather than Bruce Wayne doesn’t make it any less awesome to see him on TV.

          • Gustaff

            I feel the same way. Honestly, outside the members of the JL, there isn’t that many heroes with that much standing story. I mean CW’s Atom rocks more Iron Man and I don’t know what sort of villains he has. Same with Super Girl who’ll probably just inherit Supes’ rogue.

            At least we got to see the LP in the Arrow episode, unless that was just a normal bath, but I doubt it. You’re right, at least they’re faithfully adapting the storyline (minus Bats). I don’t read the comics so I don’t know which bits are Bats and which are Arrow’s, but I’m just happy we HAVE some kind of representation on TV. It’s good. Arrow’s strong and I love it.

            Besides, the guys at WB/CW don’t have a problem or else they’d do something about it. Still if we can’t have BW as Bats, at least give us a spin-off with Terry as the caped crusader. That would rock hardcore!