• ShalkaDoctor

    “After all, this is the man who spent last year running circles around
    Oliver and Team Arrow, tore down Queen Consolidated and damn near
    destroyed half of Starling City with his complex, personal mission
    against Oliver; to see him reduced to little more than a wild-man threat
    of the week who really poses very little threat to Oliver and Thea and
    whose only real contribution to the overall story arc is forcing Oliver
    to reveal the truth about Sara’s death is just kind of disappointing.”

    This. So much this. Totally agree with your thoughts about Slade. I love Deathstroke. He was so good in Season 2 and this was such a waste of an amazing character. He deserved so much better. It was also embarrassing watching Thea getting the upper hand on him. Of all people.

    • Wow, it’s only when it’s written back to me that I realise how much of a run-on sentence that was…

      It was strange to me to see Slade so under-utilised when really he’s in the perfect position to be brought into the Suicide Squad – he’s dangerous but not too dangerous now he’s been de-powered, he’s already in A.R.G.U.S. custody and he can be controlled with a neck-bomb to stop him breaking away from the team and going after Oliver. Just a missed opportunity, and quite a disappointing one.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    As I mentioned in a comment for an earlier review, I quite enjoyed this episode. I thought that, while it was unnecessary in the long run, it was a massive fan service and it was great seeing all the returning characters, including a far better outing for Tommy than last time’s disappointing appearance. I agree with the wigs though. Just awful. Here’s hoping for more Slade though, maybe in a role a bit more relevant to the ongoing story arc.

  • notsosmartguy

    Definitely a pretty decent episode, though I can’t help but feel this show wants to be Batman at times.