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Arrow: 116 “Dead To Rights” Review – Cult Fix
  • Calebxy

    I thought this was the best episode yet. For the first time while watching the series, I actually thought it was very good. Not just entertaining-despite-everything, like pretty much every other episode, but I felt it was genuinely good. The acting was great, and I now concede that the main actor can actually act.

  • That Awkward Silent

    It’s bugging me how much they are borrowing from Batman.

    We have the Arrowcave, Oliver is just like Bruce Wayne except he has a family, Diggle is Alfred, Felicity is Barbara Gordon, Huntress is a Batman character, Deadshot is a Batman villain. I could go on.

    • I have to ask, did you ever read the early Green Arrow comics? Oliver
      Queen’s superhero persona started out as nothing more than a Batman
      ripoff. Also, I think they can be forgiven for trying to expand their
      world in a realistic way, seeing as every other character in DC has some
      type of alien ability.

      • Rumplestiltskin

        I haven’t read that many Green Arrow comics to be honest but you’d think they’d try and be a bit more careful at how much they rip off Batman considering how high profile he is now.

  • Yep! I’m sold on Arrow after this episode. Best of the series so far imo. When the show first began I was keen for it to fill the Smallville void… But it didn’t, not to begin with anyway, I just hope it has a strong future