• There’s never any an accounting for a reviewer’s bad taste………….

  • TheStranger

    It’s great to see you return to form, James. Unfortunately, I don’t have means to watch this unfolding series, so unless I ever watch it in future (like Falling Skies), I’ll rely on your well-written reviews, which make for a good read. I’m somewhat familiar with the character (you’re looking at Frank Miller’s Dark Knight comics [don’t read the sequel] and Identity Crisis for any significant reading into the character). It’s interesting to see you review a series with a neutral perspective, so obviously you have a challenge set for yourself; and I believe you’re reviewing another show as well? It reads like a fair criticism (a case of Clark Kent glasses, then?) and you give your honest opinion (I don’t care for a certain author’s popular works either).

  • I just watched it there. I loved it. Great mystery, great action, great funny moments, everything that you could want from a show like this. The only thing that let it down was when Oliver confronted Adam unrecognised. Other than that, brilliant.