• NightRises

    I absolutely love Rear Window!

    Great retrospective Patrick!

    • Thanks @TimelordRises:disqus – I adore it too.

  • TheMattDevil

    I’ve never seen this, Patrick :-P But from the way you’ve described it, it sounds great :-D I must watch this some time!

    May I make a suggestion? For a future Alfred Hitchcock Retrospective (If you are planning on doing more, that is?), might I suggest ‘Psycho’? Easily in my Top 5 horror films. Clever story, brilliant characters, amazing acting, great villain. Love it!

    • It’s not just me who is doing Alfred Hitchcock Retrospectives. I’ve recruited two other fantastic Cult Fix writers.

      The next two movies being covered by mystery penmen are:

      Strangers On A Train
      – and Psycho, just as you suggested.

      I won’t reveal their names for now but you’ll find the next article released a week today.

      And thank you!

      • TheMattDevil

        Psycho, brilliant :-D I was only watching it 2 days ago. Never gets old…. And you still have idiots who say ‘black and white films are rubbish’…. :-/

        And I bet I can guess one of the writers…. XD The other one, I have a fairly good idea of :-P

        • Take a guess – oh go on.. go on


    This has to be my favourite article you have written Patrick! I adore Alfred Htichcock, and I adore Rear Window! Hitchcock is my favourite ever director, and his films are always superb! Well done!

    Though my favourite film of his has always been Vertigo :P

    But still, excellent article!

  • You weren’t watching Film4 the other day when dreaming up this article by chance? Caught the second half as I returned, and was immediately hooked. You’re quite right that the interactions between Kelly, Stewart and Ritter are brilliantly flowing, couldn’t have put it better myself. Nice to see some variety in the reviews going on on this site

    • I wrote this article last week and then when I saw it on Film4 I watched it again.

      Thanks, I thought this would be a change from mainstream reviews.

  • TwelthTheDoctor

    Wow, I didn’tr know they did articles here. How did you contact them @Patrick_Kavanagh:disqus