• TheHumanParadox

    Great review. I’m yet to see this film, but I’ve heard all about it. I love psychological and complex thrillers, and this certainly looks line one! It’s just a shame that I’m waiting until I can get the complete Hitchcock box-set before I can watch it! :(

  • TheSeaDevil

    Mr Eternal Writer (I don’t know your name XD), I love Psycho! There are still people who hate ‘black and white’ films, even after watching this. Those people are idiots. The conclusion you’ve put together really sums up the episode. The highlight for me is the acting of Norman Bates by the brilliant Anthony Perkins. Every scene with him in, I was glued too. The eventual reveal that Norman was Mother was rather predictable, for me at least. But the way the reveal was put together was what made it brilliant! Suspense, tension, and horror are definitely Alfred Hitchcock’s strong points, in my opinion anyway. 9.5/10 from me :-D

    (By the way, sorry for not commenting earlier XD)