• Deus Ex Machina

    I honestly didn’t expect to see “Agent Carter” back on our screens, but I’m thrilled that it’s coming back. It really was a great series. Here’s hoping they’ll start bringing in some super powered characters. It would be a good excuse for them to start setting up S.H.I.E.L.D. Either that or finally resolve that Zodiac plot from the one-shot a few years ago, even though I think that was set after the series. Or do both. Both would be nice.

  • Gustaff

    No idea how AC managed to get a second season. While critics loved it, it’s run was a series of ever decreasing viewership in episodes. It managed to rise like once I think. Started at 6.9 mil and ended on 4 mil with almost no rise in later episodes. The majority of people don’t like it, but Marvelknights seem to enjoy it. I love everything Marvel, save AC so I’m in the other boat.

    Agents I kinda knew would get a third season, though I don’t follow it as much anymore. Hear it got good.

    • ShalkaDoctor

      Can I like AC just cos I liked it and not be a “Marvelknight”? Whatever on earth that is meant to mean.

      • Gustaff

        Sure. It’s fine. It’s not an offensive slang term or anything. It’s like being a ‘Whovian’ is what a faction of Doctor Who fans use to identify themselves as ‘fans of Doctor Who’. Marvelknight is just another way of saying ‘liker of Marvel merchandise’. I consider myself a Mknight as well.

        • ShalkaDoctor

          Oh right. I thought it was some derogative slang that because you liked
          the show you were either a blind Marvel follower or a feminist supporter
          because it had *shock horror* an actual strong female lead.

          But you say you didn’t like AC? I found it refreshingly different. It helps that I liked the older post war setting.

          • Gustaff

            I did love the whole 40s aspect about it. In truth, part of what put me off was the sexist treatment Peggy received from the male chars. I know it’s historically accurate, but to be reminded every 5 minutes that ‘men were assholes’ really put me off. It’s like a running gag used too much. I mean I get it ‘my gender is sea scum, STOP SPELLING IT OUT’.

            Yeah, I thought you might think it’s slang as nowadays that ‘naming’ is usually perceived that way. And no, not a blind Marvel follower. Don’t really like AOS anymore and I consider AC a failure. I loved Daredevil, but it’s still Arrow > Daredevil. I really consider myself a DC and Marvel fan. Both rock and both screw up. Life’s like that.

  • Christoph The Sky Sorcerer

    I am thrilled that AoS is getting another season; Season 2 has been amazing so far, building on the already amazing Season 1. As for Agent Carter…I wasn’t THRILLED with Season 1, but I guess it was okay. As long as they don’t interrupt AoS again like they did this time, I’m fine with it.