• LGwalchmai95

    This series was brilliant; it started very well, ended very well and had a truly memorable mid series finale. There were some rather forgettable episodes scattered around though, but they were never bad in my opinion and were all necessary to further character arcs and set up the bigger episodes very well.

    Bobbi, Hunter and Mack were all fantastic additions that have helped the show improve so much; all three are brilliant. Hunter has been one of my two favourite characters this series. I always love guys like him; he’s absolutely brilliant, with his sarcastic, cutting humour but he’s not one note, he has plenty of depth to him and Nick Blood has done a great job. I look forward to seeing these three again next series.

    My absolute favourite character is now Fitz; I liked him in series 1 but series 2 took him to a whole new level. Iain De Caestecker is an outstanding actor and has played him amazingly; he handled Fitz’s brain damage story really well and has developed him into just a stunning character, with a great sense of humour. Iain has great comedic timing.

    I’m happy Ward wasn’t killed off; he’s an amazing character. He’s so fascinating to watch, and I’m excited about his new direction. He’s really going to f*** s*** up forming his new team. He’ll be a great leader; as he’s incredibly intelligent and after losing Kara has well and truly snapped. He is going after closure, whatever that means, and is going to let nothing stand in his way. Coulson rebuilded SHIELD, now Ward is rebuilding Hydra, and he’s the ideal person to do it. He’s clever, absolutely badass and just has the potential to be a great villain proper. I’m really looking forward to seeing where he goes in the new series, and see his team!

    I’m going to stop now because I’ll end up going all night aha! There’s so much I haven’t talked about, which is all stuff I’ve enjoyed in this series. There’s Skye and her development, Simmons who has been really fleshed out and is a great character, plus she’s been taken somewhere by that Kree rock thing! What a twist that was by the way! Jiaying was the only real disappointment really. I agree with the writer here, she needed to be revealed as a villain earlier on, as it all just felt a bit rushed in the end, though Dichen Lachman is amazing in everything so you can’t fault her. I also think Gordon was underused, and I was sad to see him go, as he wasn’t really evil, just loyal to Jiaying. Also the horrific handling of Trip! I miss Trip, he was awesome but was horribly sidelined, and was a character with so much potential, plus he always put a smile on my face. His death was so hard to watch man, so emotional. R.I.P Trip, I won’t forget him!

    I love Agents of SHIELD; it’s in my top three shows now; I can’t wait for series 3!

    I’ll just end it with this; Mack was awesome in the finale, I’m so happy he’s back next series, the guy is a badass! I really enjoyed his relationship with Fitz, and how he was the one to help him overcome the worst of his brain damage, by treating him like a normal person and taking him at face value. Also, Kyle MacLachlan was amazing this series; what an actor that guy is! Gave us all an acting masterclass every time he was on screen. I’ll miss him on the show. Roll on series 3! :)