• Deus Ex Machina

    Are you aware that ‘geniusly’ isn’t a word?

    In all seriousness, I think the best thing about this episode was its use of Hunter. He was always a great character, but in my opinion, for most of season 2 he was really just used as a love interest for Bobbi. His entire story was just his off-again, on-again relationship with his ex-wife. This episode shows how they’ve fixed that problem over the last few episodes. His relationship with Bobbi is still a big part of his character, but there’s also a lot more to him this time

    I’m also liking that Ward is getting more and more of the spotlight this season. He’s possible the most likably dislikable TV character ever created. You can’t help but like him, but at the same time you want to see him die in the most slow, painful and absolutely violent way possible. He’s really come a long way from the flat, two-dimensional man of action he was at the start of season 1.

  • Oliver Gregory

    Did anybody else think the way Ward used a tray to block bullets at the very start of the episode was reference to the opening of the pilot which featured him doing almost the exact same thing?

  • LGwalchmai95

    One of the best episode this series easily for me too.

    Fitz and Simmons’ scene was just superbly acted, it was good to see them both confront each other about the elephant in the room, and their kiss was well done and earned too.

    I’ve made no secret about how much I love Bobbi and Hunter. People say Marvel doesn’t do many strong female characters, but if you want a couple that shows how you can have a strong woman in a relationship/partnership, look no further than Bobbi and Hunter. Hunter being the one who has to come down to help, not with fighting, but to bring Bobbi the briefcase with her frankly awesome batons. Then Hunter taking cover whilst Bobbi fights the Inhuman, and Hunter being the one who gets the cheap shot in to end the fight by sneaking around the back. Hunter is well aware that Bobbi is stronger than him when it comes to fighting enemies, and I love that he doesn’t care and they have an understanding with each other in the field about how they go about things. I wanted to see more of them in the field, and this didn’t disappoint. Love those two.

    Ward is a terrific character, is was goo seeing him get to be all villain badass again, he could easily make the jump to the movies in my opinion. Though I’ll be surprised if he survives the series. Brett Dalton is brilliant, Ward’s nature allows him to bring though his charisma so that while you hate what he’s done, you just can’t fully hate him. You can tell he enjoys himself, it really comes through and he can be so menacing when he wants to be, like on the plane.

    All in all a great episode, I was sort of disappointed at it being Hydra again, but now I’ve had time to process it I’m on board, as it means more Ward screen time. Looking forward to next week, it looks superb! Though Coulson having a go at Hunter will annoy me; he can’t moan at Hunter for narrowly missing his body with a shot when he had him locked up for ages and could have killed him (yeah he needed Hydra intel but they could have kidnapped another big player at Hydra), and the only reason he escaped is through Coulson’s stupidity (why not ice him before you put him in the van?), so he doesn’t have a leg to stand on in my opinion.