• Deus Ex Machina

    I feel like the problem this season is that they’re building to the Secret Warriors, but they’ve not reached them yet. They promised us Secret Warriors and I don’t think this series is going to peak until we get them. The pieces are starting to move into place, but we’re not quite there. Just hurry up and do it already. We’re seven episodes in and still nothing.

  • LGwalchmai95

    Oi, lay off Bobbi and Hunter ;) I think the cast is a bit too big. Hunter and Bobbi are both brilliant characters, but they don’t seem to know what to do with them, and don’t want to commit them to a long arc as it would take away screen time from one or more of the original cast members/characters. I’m really hoping they get a spin off where they can be further explored and given a proper chance to shine. They’re hugely popular, but like Trip are being wasted and not given enough time. I want to see more of them in the field together. They’re far more interesting when they’re given more than 2 seconds of screen time than Skye and her storyline which consists of moaning about Zimmer and having a go at Coulson.

    • Oliver Gregory

      I thoroughly enjoy Bobbi and Hunter, with Hunter being my highlight of last week’s episode, but I’m just going off their relationship. I’m sick of them telling each other to “be careful out there”. You’re both secret agents for goodness sake!

      I suppose you’re right though. If they were given something else to do they might not be as frustrating together.

  • The problem with AoS is its cast it far to big, to be fair, it’s the only problem. I’ve added a Star to the charcters I think need to go.

    Coulson – He’s the core of the show, once Daisy is fully fuctional though I can see him sliping into an advisory role
    May* – Bobbie can do everything she can do and more
    Daisy – The other core of the show.
    Ward* – I feel his arc is coming to a close
    Fitz – I can’t bear to see him go, and He’s scotish
    Simmons* – Do we really need her, Bobbie can do Biology stuff
    Bobbie – I need her to replace everyone else
    Hunter* – I apreciate the need for a bit of comedy, that’ll make it more powerful when he dies
    Mack – We need a badass
    Andrew* – I feel like his arc is coming to a cllose as well.
    Rosiaine – She’s just getting started.

    • Oliver Gregory

      I agree with May. That would be a great way to end for Winter. Hunter and Andrew maybe, although that would have to be at the very end of the season. I also feel like after Simmons kind of dying at the end of season 2, we can’t kill her anytime soon. Ward I don’t really care about.