• LGwalchmai95

    I don’t think it was bizarre that Bobbi wanted to use violence. I think it was a pretty standard reaction to what she had been through with Ward. She was so desperate and determined to get back in the field after being knocked back so many times, but she hadn’t planned what would happen once she’d got there. A bit of PTSD made her a bit nervous and cautious, perfectly understandable in my opinion.

    I’ve already made it no secret that I love Hunter, and he was on hilarious form this week. It irked me to see Fitz so bothered by him being there, when they got on last series and Hunter really helped him, so that did bother me a bit. I loved his stuff with Daisy and Mack. Hunter makes this show for me at the minute. He’s a wildcard and a bit reckless and unpredictable which is great to watch. I also don’t like how everyone reacted to his actions, when they were 100% they right thing to do. I really want to see him out in the field with Bobbi, we don’t see anywhere near enough of those two out together.

    Great episode, this series is going from strength to strength. Plus, I absolutely love that Mack still calls Daisy “Tremors” ! XD Those two are a cracking pair.