• LGwalchmai95

    I love Hunter, he’s my favourite character on this show (Fitz and Simmons being a close second and third) and he absolutely made the right decision to still go after Ward. As he said, if they let Ward get away with all those weapons, thousands of people would die. So it was Andrew’s life against thousands of other innocent people, so tactically Hunter made the right call. I definitely think Zimmer or Andrew is Lash, definitely.

    Also, I love the Mack and Daisy pairing; it’s bringing out the best in Mack; he was hilarious in that dark corridor when they were tracking Lash down!

    • Oliver Gregory

      But they still got away with the weapons. Not only did Andrew die, but Ward got away. I also love Hunter (But not his new hair. It’s awful!) Andrew as Lash seems a little to obvious, although I suppose it makes sense why he wouldn’t go back and kill Daisy. Lash’s belief he is doing right is a little odd if he is either Zimmer or Andrew though.

      Definitely agree with Mack and Daisy though, and the dark corridor bit was great!

      • LGwalchmai95

        They didn’t get away with the guns though, I thought they where still in the warehouse when Ward just about got away from Hunter, and then Coulson and the team were on their way and it was just Hunter and May left in their, so wouldn’t SHIELD have them now?