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Agents of SHIELD: 212 “Who You Really Are” Review – Cult Fix
  • Christoph The Sky Sorcerer

    I don’t think they’re working with Fury, since that would be too much of a rehash of what happened with May around the middle of last season. My theory is that Bobbie and Mack have been hired by Talbot to obtain SHIELD’s technology for the government.

  • Gustaff

    I expected my predictions from last week to manifest much later, but we already got the Simmons turning on Fitz one. We also got Team Skye trading in her one life for another life who probably risked everything to try and negate a war. His payment: Total memory wipe, his entire life gone in a flash and nobody even bats an eyelash. I believe the team have crossed the moral line here. SHIELD is about protecting everyone, and then their own, not the other way around. This decision needs to come back and bite them in the butt so badly. Though, given the ratings so far, this needs to happen fast as Agents scored a Series low this week with 3.8 mil.

    • notsosmartguy

      SHIELD always does shady stuff like memory wiping in the comics. Coulson’s a pretty noble guy and leads shield heroically but in the end SHIELD is still SHIELD.

      • Gustaff

        I think Coulson’s being blinded by the whole ‘protect Skye thing’. He’s had no qualms about taking care of other super freaks regardless if they’re posing a direct danger to anyone else.

        I know how dodgy SHIELD is, but they’ve always believed in doing small bad things to protect the greater good. This feels like the opposite of that.

        • notsosmartguy

          Well Skye’s like a daughter to him (well that’s how I read their relationship). He believes she someone he can still trust.

    • To be honest, I would probably agree with you about the team wiping Vin-Tak’s memory if it had been a considered, pre-meditated decision – for example, if they incapacitated him, discussed it calmly and rationally and THEN wiped him. However, much like my response to your comment last week, I think as an on-the-spot reaction to the situation at hand, combined with what they knew about the truncheon (that it doesn’t wipe the memory completely and that the process can quite easily be reversed), it’s still not the most moral thing that could have been done but it’s at least excusable to me. Particularly as they send him back to his home planet where there are likely to be approximately a buttload of people who can give him his memory back instantly, and I think they know that what they’ve done so far is only ever going to be a temporary fix – I’m fully expecting some kind of Kree hit-squad to come after Skye in the near future once Vin-Tak remembers what went down.

      Besides, while you’re right when you say that S.H.I.E.L.D. is about protecting everyone and then their own, Vin-Tak didn’t pose an immediate threat to the entire planet, but he did pose one to Skye – were they supposed to let him kill Skye on the spot, or take her away to do unspecified but presumably quite nasty things to her?

      Basically I think your general points make a lot of sense when talking about the issues the team face in the long term, but this season in particular has had a focus on them having to be a lot more reactive than S.H.I.E.L.D. ever had to be before – when they were an enormous global organisation that could see threats coming before they ever really became threats, they had the opportunity to look at the situation and make a judgment based on all the information they had. Now, with few resources and fewer personnel, they are repeatedly forced into situations where they have to make decisions in the moment, and unfortunately I think some of those decisions are bound to come across as less than moral.

      Incidentally those ratings don’t really mean much – pretty much everything got lower ratings than usual last week, even shows that normally pull huge numbers like ‘Empire’ dropped from the week before. And that number doesn’t take into account ‘watch again’ or DVR viewings which consistently bump the ratings up considerably.

      • Gustaff

        But shouldn’t the fact that there’s so few of them left make them try to be more proactive. I mean if I don’t have a lot of resources, I’m going to play my cards so that I don’t have to deal with something big in the future because I don’t have the man power to do it. I agree the alien and Sif reacted a bit too strongly and that there was most certainly a compromise in there somewhere that might have benefited both parties, but what happened didn’t feel like it.

        It felt more like ‘we’re doing this our way and anyone who gets in our way or goes against us is an enemy’. Sounds kinda like a Hydra motto.