• notsosmartguy

    This series has definitely picked up since season one’s winter soldier tie in . One thing I do miss is Coulsen in the field, it just feels wrong not seeing him kick ass for some reason.

  • twoheartsonemind

    I think something that is really helping the show is that it’s become more of an ensemble. Before, episodes really focused on Coulson, Skye and May and Ward to some extent, but never all at once and this prevented the writers from really fleshing out each character naturally. Now, they’ve divided up the screen time much better, giving every character time to shine.

  • TheCyberDoctor is Upgraded

    This episode really shows how far the show has come since its humble beginnings, as displayed in the later eps of season 1. It seems apparent that the makers of AoS have gained more confidence in the show, and this makes the show feel much more relaxed whilst maintaining the momentum built up. The changed dynamic alters the show completely, making it seem fresh and different. Can’t help but feel sad for Fitz, I really hope that his condition will progressively improve throughout the series, and that he’ll be reunited with Simmons eventually. Looking forward to ep2 now!!
    *watching in UK btw*

  • LGwalchmai95

    The problem for me is that since the whole Hydra thing surfaced they haven’t replaced Ward. I mean, I like Triplett, but he hasn’t been developed particularly well. He barely gets any screen time, and with Simmons not being with the team we’ve basically lost two of the cast.

    I really wish that they hadn’t made Ward traitor, I really loved his character before the Hydra reveal, he has so much depth and is a brilliant character. Even now, he’s still a great character, well rounded with so many layers. He was never a proper Hydra bloke anyway, he was only ever following Garrett. But I think he’s going to betray the team again this series. I think he’s going to keep feeding them Hydra Intel and slowly gain their trust again, and eventually they will agree to him assisting them again, but I think he’s just playing them for something else. Whether just to escape and be free, or whether he’s following someone else’s orders now. I think something happened to him in hospital for sure. I really want him back with much more screen time though, he’s the most interesting character by a mile, one of the two reasons I’m still watching, the other I’ll get to later.

    To be honest I found that episode really boring, I get that S.H.I.E.L.D is in a bad way, but it was all just grey and depressing. The only real smiles came from Trip, which is all he’s been able to do since he joined, since that’s what the writers have restricted the character too. I like that villain, and his dismissive “Yeah” of the Hail Hydra was awesome! I miss the laughs this show provides, it still managed it in the second half of last series when things got serious, but it didn’t manage it tonight, so I was disappointed.

    As for Fitz, I love him, but I think it would have been kinder to have had him die. Let him have his noble sacrifice, as opposed to becoming a frustrated bloke who seems a half the guy he was. I think they’re making a big mistake having Simmons apart from the team, I’m sure she’ll be in the series and have a big part, but I think she’ll be apart from the for the majority, and I think that’s a bad move. As her relationship with Fitz is one of, if not the best thing about this show in my opinion. The characters just gel and the actors are perfect together, they have amazing chemistry, and to lose that makes me sad.

    Ward and Simmons are my favourite characters in this show (I’d say Ward is first just about), and this series has Ward in lock up and Simmons off somewhere else (though I’m sure she’ll be involved). I miss seeing Ward in action being badass too! I love Ward, by far the most layered, interesting character on this show. I love Simmons too, she’s just adorable and awesome. She is a great character too that needs to be explored further. Brett and Elizabeth are two great actors with two great characters, so I hope this series does them justice.

    Overall I wasn’t that impressed with tonight’s episode. It felt a bit predictable and a bit boring. Sticking with it though, for Ward and Simmons!