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Agents of SHIELD: 106 “FZZT” Review – Cult Fix
  • Gustaff bought a Delorean

    I loved FZZT. It was by far the best episode. It was touching and lovely and Fitsimmons are just adorkable!

  • ClaraOswaldTheImpossibleGirl

    Best episode of the series by a mile! At one point I was convinced Simmons was going to die, and that upset me, I love FitzSimmons, they’re brilliant!

  • TARDIS44

    I loved this episode! I disagree about the start, I think it served as a suitable build up to the action, and it was nice to see FitzSimmons become more emotionally functional and realize they actually quite like each other.
    It was very nice to see Grant act like a human, rather than just an agent!