• The_Third_Doctor

    Is it really that bad? i was looking forward to it

  • Great job Jordan, a very informative and interesting review!

    After Earth has flopped massively and I haven’t seen one positive review. It’s a shame, I like Will Smith and he’s a good actor but it appears this wasn’t his finest hour.

    I thought the film was out on Friday? Did you go to a press screening?

  • A superb review, Jordan! It’s great to see a new name on here and you’ve done a commendable job. I found your panning to be rather amusing too.

    To be blunt, I realised this movie would be cr*p the moment I watched the trailer. It looked alright, but I knew it would be like The Last Airbender which also had promising trailers. Jaden has never impressed me much either so I was wary that he may diminish the movie’s quality. Like you, I thought he gave a decent enough performance in The Karate Kid, but nothing special. It therefore comes as no surprise that he falters in this one.

  • A fair and objective review, not getting too caught up in the swathe of negativity that sweeps this film, which can sometimes make it hard to fairly analyse it. Says a lot about the talent of Will Smith when a scaled back performance of his is the highlight. Shame, the two were so strong together in The Pursuit of Happyness

    And was no-one else thinking of Silence in the Library when the subject of “Ghosting” came up? Maybe it’s just that I watched the episode recently. Maybe Jaden should of asked “Hey, who turned out the lights?” at some point to improve his performance