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A Disney Reflection: Pocahontas – Cult Fix
  • Cestler

    That was a good article, but I disagree with you a bit :/. I do agree with you that while Pocahontas was probably the weaker of the 90’s films, it was still pretty good, but about Pocahontas’ character…I don’t really agree with that. Pocahontas does do some pretty impressive stuff, but the problem is we really don’t know her as a character. She isn’t even that interesting. Also, Belle and Jasmine were pretty bold for me, since Belle is the first one to save her prince and Jasmine is basically a more like able version of Ariel.
    And about Ratcliffe, he’s pretty entertaining but as an excellent villain? …I don’t know. Yes, I will give him credit for being not motivated for the sake of evil, but…look at the next film. Hunchback of Note Dame. We get Frollo, a racist, overeligious judge who seriously believes he’s doing the right thing and is as ruthless as ruthless can be. I think he’s the better villain (I hope you’ll review that movie someday).

    • PK-S

      Ta! Well, each to their own, but I agree with you, I didn’t incorporate The Hunchback of Notre Dame when I referenced Disney’s golden era.

      I might do Hunchback but I’ve got quite a few before that.