• Never heard of any of them. But I might give some a try.

  • Are these your only two websites? I will definitely watch these shows.

  • Where can we suggest TV Shows to put on this webstie

  • Does the Cape remind anybody of Batman?

    • CyberMalak

      Does Nikita remind anybody of The Bourne Identity?

      • Grandmaster

        Nikita is actually based off a french film which pre-dates the Bourne films by about 12 years. Although Bourne was actually based on a novel a lot older.

  • Tom

    The Walking Dead and The Cape look good :)

  • The written synopsis for “The Cape” didn’t seem like it was going to be good, but the trailer made it soo awesome I’m defiantly going to catch that. Also “The Event” looks really good. It also reminds me a bit of “FlashForward” which was a show I really liked.
    One question: do you have a trailer for “Outcasts”? that show sounds interesting and I want to see a trailer.

    • Unfortunately no trailers have been released yet. As soon as it does we’ll post it.

    • I agree, will their be updates on the next series of Flashforward…

      • Unlikely seeing as Flashforward was canceled.

        • WHAT?! How is that possible? It was a great show! Do you know why because I heard it was getting a lot of viewings in America.

  • Anonymous

    I like the sound of the Walking Dead, the Cape, and Outcasts. And I agree with Mapthestars, the description for the Cape didn’t do the trailer justice.

    Oh, and the trailer for Nikita is down!

  • Mickeyd394

    i bet “the event” ends up being one of those series that just goes on and on…getting nowhere.

    • Anonymous

      like Heroes

  • Mickeyd394

    “outcasts”…..uum..what`s the betting it will be deadly dull, like “survivors”…..all middle class angst and endless talking…with the usual “baggage” of their lives before they came to the new planet