• TheRoastNewt

    Utterly, utterly overjoyed to hear this; Chloe is by far the greatest character to grace the show, and it simply wouldn’t be the same without her. I’m interested in seeing where they’ll take her character now, since she was arrested in the epilogue to season 8. Will she be back at CTU? Will Jack have to bust her out of prison? And what of Morris (my least favourite character) and Prescott? If this takes place several years after we left the characters back in season 8, then who knows how prison will have changed her? She will have missed Prescott’s upbringing for one (they said he’d be 21 by the time she’s released), and her lack of social skills could have been seriously damaging in a prison environment. I’m sure that wherever they plan to take her next, Rajskub will inject her role with the usual wit and humour which has made her so beloved to the fans, as well as giving us a convincing performance.

    This new season cannot come soon enough.