• Amazing article PK-S!
    I’m thinking a certain 50 Year old show will be in the Top 5

  • Steve Willis

    Wizards Vs Aliens caught me by surprise. I was expecting more of the first series of slightly pantomime children’s entertainment. Series 1’s finale showed the show could deal with more “mature” themes (not Torchwood’s ‘mature’ of sex).
    100 Wizards was a slightly better series 1 in quality with a suggestion that the show could go to more gruelling ideas.

    From then on the series grew in strength. The fun romp of the rhyming couplets showed us how dark the series could do, despite the “humorous” tone of the episode.

    Floor 13 was the pinnacle of the series. It developed the brewing “Romeo and Juliet” arc between Tom and Lexxie but executed it in its own way. Yes a romantic relationship developing between two individuals who are meant to be at war is a well-trodden path, but the execution of this troupe was well done. It made for a riveting story. The only problem is that The Thirteenth Floor overshadowed the rest of the series and highlighted any imperfections in the finale.

    It’s going to be hard for series three to exceed series two. But they have shown us that it is possible.

    I mean they have been able to convey a sincere love story that is very mature in a children’s programme. One of the most mature children’s programme’s approach to love (Tracey Beaker Universe) had always conveyed love as simple and juvenile.

  • GibbyBlogger

    I loved all of these, except ‘Wizards vs Aliens’. I just couldn’t get into it. Particular stand out was ‘Luther’. Here’s hoping there’s a film on its way!

    Great picks, Pat! :)

    • PK-S

      Thanks, Gibby – glad you agree with a lot of my choices.

      Wizards vs. Aliens became crazily adult (see Steve’s comment below) in its second series whilst the first was very childish. You basically have to endure the first run before you get to the good stuff XD

      • GibbyBlogger

        I may give it another go when I’ve finished catching up on other series (i.e. ‘Castle’ and ‘Last Tango in Halifax’).